Update: Mintos launches Community Forum

Updated: 31 March 2021

We’re kindly reminding that as of today, all discussions move from the comments section to the Mintos Community forum.  

Original: 23 March 2021

As we’ve grown over the years, Mintos has become a place for investors from all around the world. Being part of an international investor community means lively discussions on our social media and blog channels, and we appreciate this engagement. To address the fact our investors have questions and opinions to share, we’re launching our new Mintos Community Forum to give discussions about Mintos and our services a new home, and to replace the old comments functionality on our blog.

While we frequently share updates and news about various topics on our blog, the comments functionality can be somewhat limiting, particularly if the discussions within the comments section are unrelated to the subject of the original post. While these unrelated topics are equally important, we came to the conclusion that having a dedicated space would allow all investors to voice their opinions equally.

Before creating the Mintos Community Forum, we asked investors what was important to them in terms of engagement and we found that the majority of investors liked the idea of having a single area for discussions that would allow for Q&As and threads. The 3 most important things that respondents said they were looking for in a forum were answers from Mintos on topical questions (35%), updates from Mintos around product releases and recoveries (24%), and the opportunity to engage and discuss with other investors (17%). This feedback is reflected in the way we’ve built the Mintos Community Forum.

The Mintos Community Forum is open to all investors

Anyone can join the Mintos Community and browse its various discussions. To participate in the discussions, you will need to sign up and create your Mintos Community credentials:

1. Click Sign Up* and enter your name and email address. We suggest you use the same email that you use for logging into your Mintos account.
2. After submitting your name and email, you will receive an email with your password code to finalize your signup.

*Investors who have recently reached out to Mintos Investor Service or are part of our equity investors group from the recent crowdfunding round, please, click Get Password after clicking the Sign-Up button and follow the process. Mintos registers each investor reaching out to us in a GDPR compliant way, hence we already have your details, yet need you to verify your identity by confirming your password.

Please note, Mintos Community and the Mintos marketplace are two separate spaces, therefore, while you will use the same email address for the login, we suggest setting up a different password for security purposes.

Before you head over and join the discussion, please check out the community guidelines. We’re looking forward to seeing you there!


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