Mintos marketplace improvements in August

This August has been busy for the Mintos IT team, as we have worked on adapting the platform to the needs of investors and continued to develop responsive design. New fully responsive pages can be found in these investor profile section:

–  Open Loan View,

–  Account Statement,

–  My Investments, 

–  Auto Invest,

–  Withdraw.

We have also launched several new platform features:

We are now offering more detailed information about defaulted loans. Now, investors can browse through the history of the work loan originators have done to collect      debt from     borrowers. It is also possible to see the total incurred costs related to debt recovery and amounts already recovered.

Optimization is also offered in open loan view. The speed with which this page is downloaded and displayed on the user’s web browser has been significantly improved.

Loans are now described by more precise terms. After implementing improvements, investors are able see exact loan term in days.

Social network share options have been added to a Refer-a-friend page. Now investors can reach their friends more easily.


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