Mintos mobile app: 80 000 downloads in the first three months

It’s been three months since we launched the Mintos mobile app to further increase accessibility to Mintos, enhance security features, and deliver faster performance insights for investors. 

Since February 20, 2020, 80 000 Mintos investors have downloaded the Mintos mobile app. The split of downloads between Android and iOS users is 55% and 45% respectively. 68% of investors use the Mintos mobile app at least once a month. Close to 30% of app users open the Mintos mobile app on a daily basis, with 99.99% crash-free sessions for both iOS and Android devices.

Germany is the leading market when it comes to the Mintos mobile app downloads. It’s followed by the Czech Republic, Spain, and the Netherlands.

“Clear and simple interface, intuitive UX and not overloaded with functions. Very handy for people who want to follow their investments on a universal portfolio level.” Mintos Investor

Mintos mobile app user retention is far beyond the finance app average

On average, the app is used for 2 minutes per day across 2.5 sessions. This shows us that the Mintos mobile app fulfills its primary task, which is to provide investors with a fast overview and easy monitoring of their investment portfolio and Mintos account. 

The user retention for the Mintos mobile app is high compared to the average rates for apps in the Finance category. On day 30 after the app’s download, the average retention rate for finance apps is 7%, while the Mintos mobile app sees user retention of 31%. This rate has remained steady, and after 3 months we see 30% user retention.

“Mintos takes p2p investing to the next level. Great app. Biometry works smoothly and design/UX is really great! Well done Mintos team!” Mintos investor

Two new versions in 3 months since launch

Mintos investors were part of the app’s development from the start, by feeding our test team with valuable insights and feedback. This feedback has been a great help in defining the roadmap the team is currently working on. We’re happy with the progress so far and on track with the scheduled updates. 

So far, we have upgraded the first version of the Mintos mobile app via two new app versions (V1.0.2 and V1.1.0), adding:

– App in Dutch and Spanish language
– PIN change directly from the app
– Graphic overview for the loan status
– Access to the Mintos support directly from the app

Invest & Access was introduced in the app with V1.1.0

For the next versions, the team is currently working on:

– Account creation in the app
– “Refer a friend” adjustment for the mobile app
– Push notifications

Further down the line, investors would like to see Auto invest added to the Mintos mobile app, and this is something we plan to work on in the upcoming period.

The Mintos mobile app has a rating of 4.5 on the Google Play Store and 4.6 on the App Store. 

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