Mintos mobile app beta for Android is in the test phase!

Around 3500 Mintos investors have joined the Mintos Beta Testers group and part of them was already given access to the app beta version for iOS back in December 2019 and, as promised, now we are happy to share the mobile app beta version for Android users!

The features to look forward to 

This is the first version of the Mintos mobile app, and its main goal is to simplify the login process and provide you with a quick and useful way to monitor your investment portfolio.

At this stage, we are focused on bringing more functionalities that are more conveniently provided via a dedicated mobile application. For example, functions like login with biometry or push notifications are possible only with mobile apps. The new mobile app will enhance overall Mintos experience for investors.

So, what is it that investors can expect from the current Mintos mobile app?

Enhanced, yet simplified login options – The Mintos mobile app enables investors to log into their accounts more quickly, using a 4 digit PIN. Email address and password will be needed only for the first login. Integrated biometric technologies that allow login via fingerprint or FaceID are scheduled for a future version.

Improved overview of investment portfolios – We have adjusted the content and previews of investors’ portfolios even further, making portfolio monitoring easier and more practical.

Beta for Android Mintos mobile app

We expect to test the first Mintos mobile app beta version for Android during a period of one month, in a few iterations for investors that have joined the Mintos Beta Testers group.

We expect to launch the first publicly available iOS app in the App Store by the end of the first quarter of 2020. We’ll announce the expected launch date on Google Play when we have more news about the end of the Android beta testing.

We are truly looking forward to the Mintos mobile app becoming publicly available to all Mintos investors. Until then, if you are one of our beta testers, please share your feedback and suggestions. With your help, we are always happy to make things better.

In the meantime – biggest thank you to all iOS beta version testers! The volume and the quality of your feedback has been so impressive, we are grateful and proud to have you in our community!


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