Mintos mobile app: The first week at a glance

“Good start! I am excited and looking forward to seeing the new features.” Mintos investor

At Mintos, we can really relate to this quote from one of our investors who reviewed the Mintos mobile app. We feel the same! 

The Mintos mobile app is live, reviews are great, and we have to admit that our satisfaction with the work done was through the roof for a few days. Now, we’re cool-headed and back on track to bring even more value to Mintos investors with all upcoming functionalities that will be introduced to the app with future releases.

While the Mobile app team works on new developments, we want to share some stats collected during the first week after the Mintos mobile app was launched on the App Store and Google Play Store. 

The exciting first post-launch peak

“I find operation and design fantastic. Kudos to the programmers.” 

Mintos investor

Kudos to our team, and kudos to thousands of our most loyal investors who downloaded the app in the first hour after release. In the video below, you can see a timelapse preview of downloads in the first 40 minutes after the mobile app was launched. 

An overview of the Mintos mobile app downloads globally during the first 40 minutes after going live.

Mintos mobile app – the first usage data

“Very well done app in top quality, as expected.” 

Mintos investor

In the first week after the Mintos mobile app launch, we’ve tracked 40 760 downloads by Mintos investors from all over the world. The split of downloads between Android and iOS users was 56% and 44%, respectively. 

An average session so far had a duration time of 2 minutes and 25 seconds. Most common user journey recorded looks like this: user comes to the “Overview” screen, from here they go to “My investments” screen for the visually represented data and monitoring. The following step is the “Current investments” pie chart, and finally, the user gets a closer look at the chart showing investments “By amount”.

During the first week, the Mintos mobile app was in the first place in the finance apps category on the App Store in Latvia, and in the fifth place in the same category in Germany. 

Support from investors

“This app is just awesome. And the people behind also. Thanks, Mintos.” 

Mintos investor

Mintos investors have been more than kind to share their excitement and support all over our social channels and in great numbers on the download stores. We’re counting feedback in hundreds, and that is something we appreciate tremendously. 

Comments by followers on @Mintos Twitter and Mintos Facebook page

On the App Store, the Mintos mobile app has an average score of 4.7/5 stars, while on the Google Play Store the app is rated with an average of 4.2/5 stars. We are proud that investors who downloaded the Mintos app so far had 100% crash-free sessions (both Android and iOS versions).

We are very thankful for the support of more than 3500 investors who participated in the Mintos mobile beta app testing and who helped us make the first version of the app work “crashlessly”. 

Peteris Studens, Product Owner at Mintos says that due to such great support from investors, the team is even more motivated to bring new releases and updates of the existing version very soon.

“It’s been a week since the Mintos mobile app went live and we were curiously monitoring the performance of the app. For the team, the go-live was super busy and exciting. In the peak performance, we received 5500 requests simultaneously, seeing great interest from our users. Dozens of app reviews and comments were taken into account to map our work on the prefered future features of the app. Without doubt, the possibility to invest within the app is at the top of the list. The Mobile app team is already working to introduce the Invest & Access product into the Mintos mobile app,” said Peteris.

On the day of the launch, user retention for the Mintos mobile app was 52%, which is 49% higher than the industry average, with a finance app benchmark being around 35%. After seven days of use, the Mintos mobile app user retention is 42%. The general average retention for the apps in the first seven days is 14.5%. The Mobile app team is very satisfied with the analytics showing investors’ repeated use of the app, which is a huge motivation for the team that will continue delivering more user-friendly app functions in the future releases. 

At the moment, the Mintos mobile app is available in English and German, with versions in Dutch and Spanish coming soon.

You can download the Mintos mobile app from the App Store and Google Play Store.

You are always welcome to write to us with your feedback and suggestions.

Thank you for being with us during this milestone!


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