Mintos Reaches EUR 1 Billion Milestone in Total Loans Funded

After three and half years of operations, the Latvian-founded fintech startup Mintos has reached EUR 1 billion in total loans financed through the marketplace. This year has seen the most rapid increase in investments, with investors investing more than EUR 500 million. At this rate, EUR 2 billion will be reached already by the middle of 2019.

Since Mintos began operations, more than 3.5 million loans have been financed in 24 countries through the online marketplace. This means that the same amount of individuals and small business enterprises have had the opportunity to receive loans from loan originators.

Mintos CEO and Co-Founder Martins Sulte: “One billion euros worth of loans financed by investors through our marketplace is a significant milestone. It shows the potential of our business model and future growth – but it’s just the beginning. From the moment we were founded we’ve had global ambitions and we’ve been continuously working towards this goal, to create a sustainable, global company. The number of investors and loan originators literally grows by the day. More than 1 000 new investors register every week and more than EUR 100 million is invested through the marketplace each month. At this rate, we’re going to reach our second billion in just 10 months.”

Mintos is a global online marketplace for loans, which provides retail investors with an easy and transparent way to invest in loans originated around the world. Anyone with as little as  EUR 10 can start investing and earning. Currently, the marketplace is used by almost 76 000 investors from 70 different countries, and they have invested in loans originating from 50 lending companies from 24 different countries. According to current data from AltFI, the largest global non-banking sector news site, Mintos accounts for 45% of the market in Continental Europe.

Using the Mintos online marketplace, investors have so far earned EUR 23 million in interest through loans to individuals and businesses throughout the world. Investors can invest in business, agriculture and real estate, as well as in short-term, personal and auto loans. The average net return investors have received so far has been almost 12%. On average each investor has invested EUR 4 500 in loans, with an average of EUR 20-25 invested in each loan.

“Our business model allows us to offer investors many and various different loans to invest in, in a single place. This way, investors have the opportunity to build a well-diversified loan portfolio with different forms of loans issued in various countries to an array of client segments, therefore minimising risk,” explains M. Sulte.

Currently, the number of investors using Mintos is increasing by 10% from month to month. The most active ones are from countries with longstanding traditions of saving and investing – Germany, the United Kingdom, Switzerland, Spain, as well as from the Czech Republic, Poland, Estonia, Finland and other European countries. However, there are also investors from Australia, USA, China, Singapore, UAE, India, etc.


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