Mintos Recap 2021 Contest results

Thank you for being with us in 2021, and for sharing your best Mintos Recap stories on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

As promised, we will be giving away 22 Mintos sweaters to randomly selected investors who joined us in the raffle contest. We finished the selection today with the help of an online names generator, and here are the winners:

  1. A1imy
  2. Br0oNeY
  3. ElsCalers
  4. frantxe73
  5. InvestmentFool
  6. MihailG06601247
  7. PyroPietje
  8. anto.battaglia3
  9. charles_jcb
  10. clausgriedel
  11. cowboyfinance
  12. guillaume_barry
  13. imblu02
  14. Luis Lu
  15. Martin Müller
  16. pfgabarron_
  17. real.stories7
  18. Rudy Pena
  19. tinolippert
  20. tourleben
  21. valentinpatier
  22. valhive


Congratulations to all of you! We will reach out to you directly from our official accounts to give you further instructions about the delivery. Please note: do not give away your personal information directly in private messages to anyone claiming they’re from Mintos. 

For all those who still haven’t seen their yearly summary in the Mintos Recap 2021, you can still find it exclusively in the Mintos app. The Recap will be available until Monday, 10 January 2022. 

Have a good year!


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