Mintos Refer a Friend: time is not the limit (anymore. Share & earn even more!)

We’ve updated the Refer a Friend bonus program. Please learn the updated guidelines in the program’s terms and conditions

We introduced the Refer a Friend bonus program for investors on the Mintos marketplace back in 2016. Ever since then, we have been using it as a Mintos campaign feature, with time limitations and different approaches toward the benefits of the program for our investors and their invited friends.

One month ago, we presented the revamped Refer a Friend program with new options for bonuses, new rules and usage guidelines. As this model turned out to be more efficient for Mintos investors, especially in terms of faster bonus payments, we are glad to announce that our new Refer a Friend is a keeper!

From the 30th of March, the Mintos Refer a Friend program will become a long-term household feature and our way to continually say thank you to Mintos investors.

Mintos investors will be able to use this beneficiary feature and earn bonuses continually from now on, without time limitations and without limits to invitations, but with updated rules based on fair-play, which will follow.

No limits, only endless earning possibilities!

What is the Mintos Refer a Friend program about?

Mintos Refer a Friend bonuses

The RaF Program team said that it was quite exciting to explore the historical data and see the crucial findings from the previous Refer a Friend campaigns while they were anticipating this program as a Mintos long-term feature. What they found as the most important piece of insight is that investors like to get their payouts quickly! That is why the new campaign is made to be more simple, user-friendly and more rewarding.

By now, Mintos investors and their friends have earned more than EUR 300 000 in bonuses by joining the Refer a Friend program.

What does it look like?

The Mintos Refer a Friend program offers from EUR 10 and up to EUR 1 000 in bonuses for every new investor who joins Mintos via their friend’s code, and the same bonuses also go to the friend who has invited them – a verified Mintos investor.

If you have never used Mintos RaF codes before, it is time to give it a try.

If you have done it repeatedly, good news – you can do it again! And again.

Share the codes and earn!

We’ve updated the Mintos referral program. Please review the updated terms and conditions.



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