Mintos resumes listing of new Sun Finance loans issued in Denmark

Recently, Mintos made a decision to pause listing of new Sun Finance loans issued in Denmark. 

Following up on last week’s news, Sun Finance has submitted additional information to Mintos regarding the recent Statement by the Danish Consumer Ombudsman. 

Sun Finance has repeatedly confirmed that the business approach in Denmark has been reviewed by independent auditors that have confirmed it to be in line with all the regulatory requirements in Denmark. Additionally, the company has assessed the potential impact of the claims by the Danish Consumer Ombudsman on its operations and has confirmed that potential consequences do not pose any threat to the continuity of their business.

In light of this, Mintos resumes the placing of new loans issued by Sun Finance in Denmark. Mintos, however, continues to closely monitor the situation, should there be any developments that will require any further actions to protect the investors on Mintos. 

During the time of temporary pause of listing new loans, Sun Finance Denmark continued to transfer borrowers’ repayments without any interruptions.


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