Mintos Risk Score for Kviku loans is increased to 7

Soon after the release of Mintos Risk Score for all lending companies on Mintos, Kviku – a lending company from the Russian Federation – submitted additional operational evidence for the second quarter of 2020, showing an additional expertise in their risk management and underwriting practices, which has resulted in an update for both the Mintos Risk Score and one subscore for Kviku. 
How has Kviku’s Score changed:

  • Mintos Risk Score: 7 (up from 6)
  • Loan portfolio: 6 (up from 5)
  • Loan servicer: 8 (same as before)
  • Buyback obligor: 7 (same as before)
  • Structure: 3 (same as before)

While we remain committed to provide the Mintos Risk Score update to investors on Mintos on a quarterly basis, we believe there is enough evidence collected from Kviku for an immediate change of the Score. This is purely an adjustment based on Q2 results.

The next Mintos Risk Score announcement remains, as planned, to be shared by the end of December 2020, together with updates of Q3 results of lending companies on Mintos. The upcoming announcement could potentially influence the current Mintos Risk Score of Kviku as well.


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