Mogo Group 2017 first quarter results

One of the major loan originators on the Mintos marketplace, Mogo, shares its 2017 Q1 results with our investors.

Edgars Egle, CEO of Mogo Finance: “Sharing Q1 results with Mintos investors is a great way to highlight our expertise in car loans and dedication to our business model. The most current Group’s results re-affirm our business model’s capacity to meet liabilities towards Mintos investors, who benefit from buyback guarantee. They also boost our ambitions for further global expansion.

In 2017, we will continue to grow through our mutually beneficial cooperation with Mintos’ investors. We also aim to provide more regionally diverse investment opportunities in secured loans. Your investments in secured Mogo loans improves people’s lives every day, helping them to address needs as basic as mobility. Together we can bring European values to more and more people in EU and neighboring countries!”


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