AS “mogo” issues new bonds

AS “mogo” registers new bond issue in amount of EUR 10 million

In line with increased demand, on December 1, 2017 AS “mogo” registered into Nasdaq CSD a new bond issue with the following characteristics:

ISIN code LV0000880029
Number of Bonds 10,000
Minimum subscription amount EUR 100,000
Total issue size up to EUR 10,000,000
Nominal value of 1 Bond EUR 1,000
Coupon rate 10%
Bond maturity 31 March, 2021
Coupon payment frequency Monthly
Principal repayment At maturity

Bond issue will be structured as a private placement for professional investors with minimum subscription amount of EUR 100,000.

Placement of the bonds is organized by AS BlueOrange Bank.

“We value the investors’ shown confidence for the current offer of AS “mogo” bonds and we have decided in favor of a new bond issue of EUR 10,000,000, which will allow AS “mogo” and Mogo Group as a whole to continue successful development,” explains AS “mogo” board member Aleksandrs Čerņagins.

Terms of the Notes Issue AS mogo.pdf 


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