Mozipo Group starts loan buyback on the Secondary Market

Mozipo Group has registered on Mintos as an investor and will buy back loans of its subsidiaries from the Secondary Market under the following conditions: 

• Maximum amount: up to € 350 thousand
• Minimum discount: 13 %
• Maturities of loans: all
• Status of loans: current and late
• Countries: Lithuania, Romania, Denmark
• Initial buyback offer validity: 04.05.2020. – 01.08.2020.

Message from Mozipo Group’s CEO, Viktoras Milkevicius

“Dear Mintos Investors,

The COVID-19 pandemic constitutes an unprecedented challenge with very severe socio-economic consequences. An emergency situation has been declared in a number of countries by introducing a series of strict restrictive measures on the economic activity of the private sector, organising of work processes within private and public companies, free movement between the countries, etc.  Even if governments have continuously stepped up efforts to support the economy, we believe that the economy will be affected for a long period.

Accordingly, as a reaction to the inevitable economic crisis, a significant decrease in the financial capability of consumers, a number of amendments to legal acts regulating the activity of non-bank financial institutions were adopted, including moratoriums. Mozipo Group must accept all changes in legislation and continue the business activities by adapting to new challenges at the same time.

Therefore, reacting to investors’ intention to sell Mozipo Group’s loans on the Secondary Market, we would like to provide additional liquidity for Mintos investors to sell their assets prematurely if they need money now and cannot wait for a longer period. Also, please be assured that such repurchasing will not affect future payments to Mintos investors.” – Viktoras Milkevicius, CEO.

About Mozipo Group

Mozipo Group has been operating for more than a decade and has established a strong reputation for being reliable, transparent and a responsible non-bank financial institution. Currently, Mozipo Group works in Denmark, Lithuania, Romania and Poland, and plans to expand to four additional markets in the near future. Since its inception, Mozipo Group has served more than 240 000 customers. The typical client of Mozipo is a 36-45-year-old city resident with an average monthly income. The loans are primarily used to cover daily and unexpected expenses. The company has issued 670 000 loans worth over EUR 140 million. Mozipo Group was founded in 2007 in Lithuania. It launched operations in Romania in April 2015, in Denmark – November 2016 and in Poland April 2018. All Mozipo Group loans are covered by a buyback guarantee provided by Kalfo UAB, UAB Moment Credit and Mozipo IFN S.A.


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