Notes on Mintos will launch later this year

Following previous news about Notes, we’re sharing an update on why the new form of investing in loans on Mintos will launch later than expected.

The initial plan was to launch Notes on Mintos in Q4 2021. We were on track and had important arrangements in place, but faced unforseen limitations in some EU countries. These limitations are a part of practices established in the local tax and institutional systems that are not yet fully adjusted for the needs of relatively new fintech products (such as Notes). Hence, we were forced to postpone the launch until later this year.

While the setup for the launch of the Notes is fully ready on the Mintos platform, we’re exploring ways to establish a structure with local and EU institutions that will offer optimal satisfaction for investors on Mintos. Therefore, Notes will be launched as soon as we have ensured that the most appropriate solutions are in place.

Meanwhile, investing in loans on Mintos continues as before, and we’re planning to onboard new lending companies in the near future.

To inform investors about the progress of Notes, we will soon announce an AMA (Ask Mintos Anything) session with the Mintos Co-founder and COO/CFO Martins Valters, who will share more about the project itself.

We appreciate your ongoing patience with the launch of Notes, and we look forward to bringing this innovative product offering to you and all investors on Mintos later this year!


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