Now available: Invest & Access, directly from the Mintos mobile app

We’re introducing Invest & Access to the mobile app. With the latest version of the Mintos mobile app, investors can manage their Invest & Access portfolios directly from their phones, but that’s not all. 

What’s new in V1.1.0?

By introducing Invest & Access to the Mintos mobile app, we are further upgrading the investor experience on Mintos. Now, investors can use the Mintos mobile app to:

– Create their Invest & Access portfolio
– Monitor the performance of their Invest & Access portfolio
– Adjust their Invest & Access portfolio target
– Cash out money from their Invest & Access portfolio

What else is new?

We have introduced some additional features available with the V.1.1.0 Mintos mobile app update. 

From now, investors can see their available funds at the top of the “Invest” section. Investors can also set the minimum uninvested amount for their accounts directly from the app.

Mintos mobile app version V1.1.0 is already available for update and download on the App Store and Google Play store

We’re looking forward to your feedback as we continue to develop new features and updates for the Mintos mobile app.


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