Updated: new Mintos investment strategies creating more choice for investors

9 September 2020

Since the launch of the new strategies on 13 August, we’ve received and taken into account the feedback from many investors, and we’re introducing 2 updates:

  • We’ve increased the quality standard for the Conservative strategy by allowing the algorithm to invest only in loans issued by lending companies that have B+ or higher ratings. The lending companies rated with B and B- are not included in this strategy anymore. If your strategy invested in B or B- loans, you can wait until the loans mature or cash out your investment.
  • From now on, the High-yield strategy algorithm will not only invest in the top 60% interest rate loans, your funds will also first be invested in loans at the highest interest rate available in the marketplace.

13 August 2020 

About a year ago, we introduced Mintos Invest & Access, a new way of investing that combined attractive returns with increased liquidity. And the last months showed it can provide additional liquidity even in difficult market conditions: on average, cashouts for current payments are being complete in 5:44 hours.

While 50% of our active investors created an Invest & Access portfolio since launch, they also gave us a lot of feedback. To further improve our product offering, we listened and analyzed investor behavior, and one common theme emerged: Investors wanted more choice when it came to investing preferences. We identified the most popular preferences and distilled them into 3 new Mintos strategies that replace Invest & Access: Diversified, Conservative, and High-yield. 

With this change, creating a strategy that matches your preferences is easier than ever before. New investors will be able to get started quickly with a diversified portfolio according to their chosen profile. And experienced investors can use this opportunity to reduce the complexity of running multiple custom strategies.



The Diversified strategy will give you the highest diversification and is the most similar of the new strategies to Invest & Access.

  • Fully diversifies your investment across current loans from all lending companies with a Mintos Rating of A+ to C- 
  • The algorithm prioritizes diversification 
  • Loans with and without buyback guarantee included – 99% of the loans on Mintos have a buyback guarantee
  • Maximum exposure of 15% in each lending company




The Conservative strategy invests in loans from lending companies with the best portfolio quality.

  • Invests in current loans from lending companies with a Mintos Rating of A+ to B-
  • The portfolio of the companies is at least 80% current, and it has less than 10% pending payments 
  • The algorithm prioritizes risk reduction
  • Loans with buyback guarantee
  • Maximum exposure of 15% in each lending company




The High-yield strategy invests in loans with the highest interest rates.

  • Invests in loans with the top 60% interest rates and a Mintos Rating of A+ to C- 
  • The algorithm prioritizes returns 
  • Loans with buyback guarantee
  • Maximum exposure of 15% in each lending company



Introducing investment limits


To further improve diversification and limit investors’ exposure, the amount the 3 new strategies invest in a single loan is capped:

Strategy target or sum of invested amount and available balance (whichever is smaller) Investment per loan
< € 5 000 € 10 – 10
€ 5 000.01 – 10 000 € 10 – 25
€ 10 000.01 – 15 000 € 10 – 50
€ 15 000.01 – 20 000 € 10 – 75
> € 20 000.01 € 10 – 100

 Getting started with Mintos strategies


Mintos strategies are a fully automated way of investing. To get started, you just select the amount you want to invest. You’ll get a portfolio of loans that is diversified according to each strategy’s priorities. Your exact portfolio mix automatically adjusts to the market. 

Mintos strategies also offer additional liquidity: If you want to access your money sooner, they come with a cashout option that lets you access your money faster (subject to market demand). 

Please note that Mintos strategies are only available for investments in EUR.

Auto Invest and manual investing become Custom strategies


We will continue to support both Auto Invest and manual investing on the Primary and Secondary Market. Investors will be able to find both options under Custom investing when creating a new strategy, or under Custom automated strategies and Custom manual investments respectively on the Invest page.