Opportunities to invest in Danish krone on the Mintos marketplace



Starting today, investors will have the opportunity to invest in loans denominated in Danish krone (DKK) on the Mintos marketplace.
The loan originator Creamfinance is offering investment opportunities in Danish krone.
Making deposits in DKK can be done easily by transferring funds to the bank account listed below:

Bank name: SEB Denmark
Beneficiary: Paysera LT
Bank account: 5295 – 0010030641
Payment purpose / details: EVP9410001845276 XXXXXX – Add funds to investor account (where XXXXXX is your Mintos investor ID number)
Account holder: AS Mintos Marketplace

Be sure to indicate the exact “payment purpose” given in the instructions to ensure that funds reach the Mintos Paysera account in time; deviations may cause a delay in the transfer and additional fees may be applied.
If you have any questions, we will be happy to answer them.



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