Our four month journey to the EUR 3 billion milestone

At Mintos, we keep our eye on many numbers that build up our statistics and guide us in our business decisions. Every new investor, employee, loan originator, each new feature or system update validates our work. We are always inspired by progress: by every user experience we enhance, or investor’s suggestion we manage to add to the production from the huge backlog of ideas. This ability to be repeatedly motivated by even the smallest advancements might be the secret to Mintos’ success and spurs us to reach each new milestone faster.

Since August 2018 when we reached the first EUR 1 billion of investments made on Mintos, we knew that every new billion milestone will be that one big number that will ring as a reminder to celebrate our work every once in a while. The “B”, as we call these milestones in-house, comes as a result of the success we achieve together in cooperation with our loyal investors and with the growth mindset incorporated in our teams and everyday processes.

It took us almost 4 years to get to the first billion, and the milestone of EUR 2 billion of investments in loans made on Mintos came only 8 months later. Today, four months after, in August 2019, our team is celebrating Mintos reaching EUR 3 billion of investments in loans on our marketplace.

What does this mean for us?

We see these milestone checkpoints as a confirmation that what we have done ever since the founding of Mintos makes sense. Our business is justified, it has an ever-growing potential and there is an ever-expanding market need for what we do. Every day we witness companies developing multiline products and services, expanding the global financial inclusion. Users are getting more educated and adjusted to the easiness and accessibility of the fintech industry offerings. As the leader of the European market of investments in loans, we are happy to continually provide new financial opportunities and satisfy the evolving demands of fintech users globally.

Martins Sulte, Mintos Co-Founder and CEO.

“With each new billion milestone, Mintos is contributing to the awareness of global accessibility to earning opportunities with investments in loans. Investing in loans is no longer reserved for institutional investors and high net worth individuals only. With the development of companies like Mintos, individuals – professional and beginner investors from all over the world have a chance to access information, assess the risks and invest their money in loans while earning interests unmatchable by banks. The processes are simplified, the information is accessible in real-time. With Mintos’ upcoming services like personal IBAN accounts and debit cards – investors’ deposits and money earned from interests is within hands reach at any time. Alongside other players from the industry globally, Mintos contributes to the historical shift that is happening in the financial services”, says Martins Sulte, Mintos Co-Founder and CEO.

We believe that with every milestone marking our growth, Mintos is turning investments in loans into a new asset class that will be as recognized as any other conventional investment option – equal to stocks or real estate investments.

Growth never comes alone

In January 2019, Mintos was a 69 people team that made some serious New Year’s resolutions. The list was long and challenging, but we made some promises: enhancing the diversification possibilities on Mintos further by bringing in more loan originators from more geographies, providing investors with the best possible experience by continually upgrading our services, offering more product features that will make Mintos even more easy to use and developing new products to enable users to get even more from their invested money. We set a task to develop a Mintos mobile app, to introduce IBAN account numbers and debit cards to our investors and in order to achieve all this – to scale our team by 100%.

We are in the third quarter of 2019, and our team has grown by 125%. Our eleven people Mobile app team was developed a few months back, and our Beta Mobile App will see the daylight this autumn.

The EUR 3 billion of investments in loans on Mintos has been reached thanks to our ever-growing base of 170 000 investors, out of which 45 000 joined Mintos since our EUR 2 billion milestone in April 2019. The tens of thousands of loans are placed on the Mintos marketplace by 65 alternative lending companies from 30 countries of the world.

The activities on our Secondary Market reflect the usability of this Mintos feature that boosts the liquidity investors can count on. There were almost EUR 150 million worth of loans sold on the Mintos Secondary Market by August 2019, only two months after reaching the EUR 100 million mark.

Constant innovation updates for Mintos’ product features are making online investing with Mintos more investor-friendly. This is recognized by those seeking investment opportunities in the p2p industry and online marketplaces for loans. After joining Mintos, 83% of our investors use Mintos Auto Invest for their investment activities. Only two months after introducing Invest & Access, 53% of new Mintos investors choose to use this product that enables investors to withdraw their money quickly, whenever they need it.

By August 2019, Mintos investors have earned close to EUR 55 million in interest, in 12 currencies that enable even more diversification for investors’ portfolios.

We are working hard to keep the rest of our promises by the end of this year – both those given to our investors, and to ourselves.

Success never comes smoothly

Of course, along this road to EUR 3 billion milestone, not everything was roses. At times, we have experienced some technical issues, setbacks and problems caused either by our own mistakes or mistakes of the third parties we cooperate with. What we can say with confidence is that we never did or will do less than our best to work in and for the best interest of Mintos investors.

That’s why we want to thank you for all the times you had patience, gave us your time by giving suggestions, comments and feedback, and especially for the times you have celebrated our breakthroughs and milestones.

We reached this one with you. Thanks from all #mintospeople!


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