Overview: The Mintos mobile app’s first birthday



We’re happy to celebrate the first birthday of the Mintos mobile app! Launched on 20 February 2020, the Mintos mobile app had more than 165 000 unique downloads over the course of one year.

Reaching more than 165 000 downloads

After the first month when we saw the biggest number of our investors downloading the app, the trend of monthly downloads was steady throughout the year, with an average of around 9000 per month from April until the start of November 2020. From November, we registered an uptick in downloads, a trend visible also in the first months of 2021. This growth correlates with a larger influx of investors on our marketplace after turbulent dynamics in the market of investing in loans during 2020.

The number of monthly active users (MAU) has been growing steadily since the launch. Today, more than 30 000 Mintos investors use the app daily, and 60 000 use it on a weekly basis. Around 80 000 investors use the Mintos mobile app at least once a month.

The average duration of a session is 1 minute and 36 seconds.

User retention and investor satisfaction


In general, finance apps have strong performance when it comes to 30-day user retention across different app categories. User retention for 30 days for investment finance apps is 7.1%, while the Mintos mobile app has a retention rate of 25% for the observed period.

The split between Android and iOS users of the Mintos mobile app is 58% vs. 42%, respectively. The app performs with high stability, with an overall 99.5% crash-free user sessions for both Android and iOS.

Investors who use our app really enjoy doing so – this is reflected in ratings of 4.03 on the Google Play Store and 4.6 on the App Store.

Updates and features added over the first year


Since its launch, the Mintos mobile app has seen 14 version updates. Our whole team is keeping an eye on investors’ suggestions across different channels, and we are always ready to adjust our roadmap. A few examples from this year when we adjusted our roadmap to respond to investors’ feedback are dashboards that show the status of pending payments and funds in recovery, push notifications, and custom strategies. The two latter were delivered as minimum viable product (MVP) versions, with a clear plan for their further developments in the upcoming versions.

Including tasks resulting from investors’ feedback, the team has rolled out a number of regular feature updates that are improving the experience of investors on Mintos.

Some of the updates are:

  • • Major additions of overviews for Mintos strategies and custom strategies;
  • • Push notifications;
  • • Access to the Refer a Friend invites and Mintos Investor Club campaigns from the app;
  • • New dashboards for specific cases of pending payments and funds in recovery;
  • • User experience enhancement like access to the change of PIN, direct log-out functionality, withdrawal confirmation screen, managing uninvested funds by currency filter, etc;
  • • Portfolio performance details with additions like monthly profit breakdown, or NAR calculation with our without rewards included.


The Mintos mobile app is currently available in Czech, Dutch, English, German, Latvian, Polish, Russian, and Spanish.

App updates ahead of us


While we’re continually tackling details to further enhance the Mintos mobile app user experience, we are also working on major projects that will expand the existing features, e.g. upgrade of push notifications or development of new functionalities, like in-app custom automated strategy creation. At the same time, some more complex projects are ahead of our Mobile app team, and these are extensions of the overall company’s goals for the year ahead of us. The team will continue their work on the tasks arising from the regulation-related projects (European investment firm and electronic money institution license), including the development of functionalities for the Mintos card. Work on the future ETFs offering on Mintos is also among many other tasks we have on our roadmap before our mobile app’s second birthday.

Thank you for using our app, for giving us your feedback, and for helping us maintain the high-quality of the Mintos mobile app.

If you want to give us a birthday shoutout – welcome and rate us on the Google Play Store and App Store!

In case you have ideas or any suggestions about what you’d like to see in our app’s future releases – welcome and share them in this questionnaire.




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