Peachy has made another repayment of € 250 000 to Mintos investors

Following its previous payment, Peachy is continuing to cover its obligations by repaying € 250 000 which is being transferred to Mintos investors today. 

The final payment is expected in September 2020. As of today, the company is still yet to repay € 290 686 in outstanding invested funds to Mintos investors, including pending payments. 

About Peachy

Peachy, the trading name of a company Cash On Go Limited is a lending company established in 2010, offering short term loans to residents of the UK. On Mintos, Peachy has issued € 118.3 million of loans during the period from December 2018 to February 2020. Peachy finished the year with EBITDA of € 1.569 million, and a net profit of € 355 000.


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