Reminder: Transition to Notes ends 30 June

As we announced recently, the transition to regulated financial instruments (Notes) on Mintos will complete on 30 June. Up until 30 June, you will be able to purchase both claims and Notes. Then from 1 July, you will only be able to invest in Notes.

Follow our blog to see for which companies Notes are already available.

Please note that all investments made by acquiring claims before 30 June will remain unaffected and run as usual until the respective loans are repaid.

Due to regulatory requirements the Secondary Market for investments via claims will close on 30 June. From 1 July, investors will only be able to buy or sell investments in Notes. You can still cash out investments via claims made with Mintos Strategies after 1 July.[1]

[1] Subject to demand from other investors at the time and market conditions.


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