Share your Mintos referral link now directly from the Mintos mobile app

The Mintos mobile app versions V1.2.0 for iOS and V1.2.0 for Android are now available on the App Store and Play Store. The most important new addition to the latest releases is the option to invite a friend directly from your Overview section in the app.

Investors can now share their referral link with their friends directly via any available communication app on their mobile devices. The invitation comes with a prefilled message and a referral link that includes the name of the sender.

There were also some other additions to the latest versions for both iOS and Android devices.

In iOS V1.2.0. and Android V1.2.0 versions of the Mintos mobile app, we made changes to the “My return” section. With the newly introduced profit breakdown, investors can now see the sources of their returns on Mintos and their split – directly in the mobile app.

V.1.1.1. Mintos mobile app lookback

Previously, in the latest version of the Mintos mobile app V1.1.1. we introduced the dark mode for Android, along with changes in the investment monitoring experience for both Android and iOS users.

Compared to previous versions, investors can now see the net annualized return value for investment in their apps, with and without returns from bonuses included in the calculation. V1.1.1. also includes a withdrawal confirmation screen.


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