Start investing in Capital Service loans

Did you notice that one of the largest non-bank lending branch networks in Poland joined the Mintos platform recently?

Capital Service has an impressive 18-year track record in consumer lending, a strong equity position of EUR 5 million and consistent profitability.

Capital Service loans placed on the Mintos marketplace offer attractive returns of 10-12%, including a buyback guarantee. Repayment periods of up to 36 months make these loans a great investment opportunity for those willing to lock-in consistent returns for a longer period of time.

Sound good? Start investing in Capital Service loans!

You may also use our Auto Invest tool to put together your portfolio and add Capital Service to your loan originators’ list. Just put a check next to Capital Service, as shown in the picture below.

Auto Invest is a tool that allows you to easily implement an investment strategy according to criteria you choose. Auto Invest saves you time and never misses an opportunity to invest!




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