Take a look at where we work: new home for the #mintospeople

For two months now, we were getting adjusted to the new space we call the home of #mintospeople. With the team that’s scaled for around 200% in a period of one year, today we are 170+ professionals operating the leading European marketplace for investing in loans. So far, Mintos has invested close to EUR 500 000 in the eco-friendly 2,500 square meters of office space in Riga, Latvia.

 One year ago, Mintos international team counted 60 employees. Existing departments and teams started scaling rapidly, while this year new functions and departments were established from scratch: Legal and Communications departments, Anti-Money Laundering team, Mintos Payments and Mobile teams, International Expansion team, and the dedicated Content team. 

Today, Mintos team is made of 170+ talents from 19 countries, with the biggest part of the team being based in the company’s office in Riga. During 2019, Mintos has opened offices in Vilnius and Berlin, and together with our Warsaw office established in 2017, we now work from four European capitals, expanding our direct access to the bigger talent pool. 

The Mintos Space

Since 2015, as the team was growing, Mintos has been changing the address five times. Our fifth place, the new head office in Riga is a 2,500 square meters working and community space equipped to host approximately 250 Mintos employees. Working with architects and designers to create a sustainable and functional place for its employees, the company invested approximately EUR 500 000 in this project.

The space area offers Mintos team comfort and choices between traditional working stations, community areas and alternative corners for individual and team work. Office also has quiet premises for rest and meditation and a few areas with snacks and beverages. In cooperation with the Estonian transportation network company Bolt, Mintos has provided the team with electric scooters for more convenient moving around the office. We are especially happy that our new space offers the opportunity to host events for the audience of more than 100 people. Mintos events are being organised both for the team and for the community of industry professionals. These events support the growth-mindset we pursue as a company and nurture among our employees since the foundation of Mintos. 

Mintos, practically green 

Earlier this year, we have developed the Mintos Environmental policy that serves as an official commitment of the company to reduce its environmental footprint and to raise environmental awareness among its teams, peers, and customers. This policy was translated into a tangible practice during the development of the new office premises.

As a result, Mintos recycles about 90% of the waste produced daily, and, thanks to the water filtration devices, the team avoids producing waste in the amount of 45,000 plastic bottles a year. As a team, we feel passionate in our mission to develop environmental awareness on the micro-level, starting from our own networks and business contacts. Following this, we are organising the Green Office lecture in Mintos, held by the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) certified environmentalists from the local Latvian organisation Pasaules Dabas Fonds. 

Collaboration for the mutual cause – What You Breathe

The partnership with the eco-system technology startup Ko Tu Elpo (What You Breathe) has brought the green walls and indoor plants to the Mintos space. Ko Tu Elpo creates a unique biofilter system for indoor air purification and humidification. This young startup works with environmental scientists and functional design professionals to create climate improvement systems. These systems are placed on numerous spots throughout the Mintos office, simultaneously operating as movable green walls and contemporary interior objects, equipped for the cultivation of seasonal herbs and berries.

The newly developed environment has “rebooted” our working dynamics and its diverse functionality has proven to be inspiring for individuals, which is something we were striving for. 

The team is thrilled about our new office! As we have flexible working hours policy, Mintos people are inhabiting the new space from 7 am to 9 pm, putting to use all resources and all corners of the new space. In our work, every detail matters, and every detail is what we take care of when it comes to the new home of #mintospeople, says Ieva Driksna, Mintos Executive Assistant and the Project Manager of the new office development.

Settled in a brand-new space, we are looking into the new decade with excitement! We have never been more determined to expand our presence geographically and to continue building not just a leading brand for investing in loans, but also the top employer brand across Europe – and further.


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