Take advantage of up to 2% cashback with Notes for ExpressCredit

ExpressCredit (Proprietary) Limited, a lending company operating in Botswana, specializing in loans for government and private sector employees underserved by mainstream financiers, has launched a cashback offer!

For a limited time, you can earn cashback for investments in Notes for ExpressCredit Botswana:

  • 0.5% for Notes with a remaining term of 12 months 0 days to 24 months 0 days
  • 1% for Notes with a remaining term of 24 months 1 day to 36 months 0 days
  • 2% for Notes with a remaining term of 36 months 1 day and more.

This offer is valid from 14 June to 30 June 2023.

You’ll need to enroll in the campaign to qualify for the cashback bonus and invest a minimum of €100 into ExpressCredit Botswana loans on the Primary Market (via manual investing or custom automated strategies).


Interest rate

Available for investment (€)

12 months 0 days to 24 months 0 days


€26 874

24 months 1 day to 36 months 0 days


€58 550

36 months 1 day and more



142 888€

183 630€

Only investments made on the Mintos Primary Market via manual investments or custom automated strategies qualify. When investing manually, you can find a full list of available loans by filtering for ExpressCredit and Botswana. For custom automated strategies, you can search the legal entity’s name, ExpressCredit (Proprietary) Limited.

Investments made before enrolling or made via Mintos Core, Conservative, or High-yield strategies are not eligible. The cashback will be credited to your Mintos account within 10 business days after the campaign ends.

ExpressCredit Botswana loans are listed on Mintos in EUR. The original currency in which the loans were issued is the Botswana Pula.

At the time of the cashback launch, 91.6% of outstanding investments in ExpressCredit loans (via Notes and claims) on Mintos are current. The company has no payments that have been pending longer than the normal settlement period of 8 days.

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About ExpressCredit

Founded in 2016, ExpressCredit Group is a Latvia-based consumer lending company operating across several Sub-Saharan African markets, including Namibia Botswana, and Lesotho. With more than 60 branches, ExpressCredit operates a multi-channel lending platform for government and private sector employees underserved by mainstream financiers. It offers online alternative lending solutions in countries driven by offline lending options while maintaining compliance with KYC and other regulatory requirements. The group also has agreements with private companies, unions, and government institutions (deduction codes) to enable its entities to directly debit repayments from borrowers’ salaries.

ExpressCredit group remains committed to its long-term growth strategy and has strengthened its corporate governance by incorporating local boards of directors in its countries of operation.

Some of the equity investors of ExpressCredit group and Mintos overlap.


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