Tech Stash by Mintos – the advantages of collaborative learning

At Mintos, the growth mindset is serving us as a north star for numerous functions across the company. We use it as a guideline in recruiting and decision making. It leads us while we’re developing our products and services. 

While we’re relying on the growth mindset to enhance the knowledge, we also use collaborative learnings to map future tasks. For example, many decisions regarding our products and services are direct suggestions coming from the end-users of Mintos. This is one stream from which we gather resources for our future actions – the very important “what” to do. The other stream is coming from the knowledge of our team members and the industry peers – in other words, “how” to approach solutions for those “what” questions. 

Inspired by collaborative learning in our teams, Marcis Gogis, Head of Product at Mintos proposed an in-house initiative: let’s learn together with other industry professionals from our environment. 

At the start of this year, the Tech Stash by Mintos was born. 

Developing ideas internally, sharing them externally

Meetup events became a part of the standard culture package in modern technology companies. They boost public awareness of the brand and bring it closer to members of the community. Through open-forum meetups, companies can help their talents grow into influential industry speakers, share news about their achievements and technologies used, and tap into the talent pool of the local market. It’s an opportunity for the professionals to give back to the community by sharing their knowledge, their experience, and their work practices. Tech peers (and not just them) inspire each other to try different approaches to their work, which is a great way for teams to get out of the “blindness” that is caused by routine and challenges “out of the box” thinking. 

The growth mindset empowers the growth of the market

Through community networks, professionals create value together and contribute to a particular ecosystem by sharing knowledge and learning from each other. This collaborative learning practice is of great value for the knowledge pools of the local markets. With the head office in Riga, Latvia, where (at the moment!) all of our development work is done, we are settled in an environment consisting of more than 500 startups (Latvia has 2.7 startups per 10 000 inhabitants). This means that our ecosystem is home to thousands of IT professionals working on a variety of innovative technology products and services. Events like Tech Stash by Mintos contribute to the development of the whole market through the growth of its shared know-how base. 

In November 2019, we hosted the 80th meetup of the well-established, where we learned about artificial intelligence and machine learning. One hundred tech professionals from Riga visited our office for the lectures and networking, leaving us with the feeling that yes, we want to do more of this. 

Tech Stash by Mintos

This January 23, we officially launched the Tech Stash by Mintos. Andrejs Abrickis, Lead Growth Engineer at Mintos, spoke about moving from a monolith to a distributed monolith, and our guest Anton Popovine from Amazon Web Services (AWS) performed a live demonstration on how to use Amazon StageMaker services to train, develop, fine-tune, and deploy a machine learning app. 

The feedback we got was valuable. The first talk was a great insight into actual operations behind Mintos marketplace, and the event was accessible to a less experienced crowd. I support you to continue sharing Mintos experience in various areas: data security, privacy, or management of the high-load transactions, said one visitor of the first Mintos-organised meetup.

With 60 Mintos people working on our products, services developments, and operations behind the Mintos marketplace, we know there is so much to share and even much more to learn from peers in our ecosystem. The team working behind the Mintos community is super motivated to develop the Tech Stash into an influential networking and knowledge sharing event.

The next Tech Stash meetup is scheduled for March 26, 2020. We invite everyone interested to join us for a share of knowledge, good company, some drinks and pizza. See you at Mintos! 

For news about Tech Stash, videos from previous meetups, announcements and live stream of the upcoming ones, follow our community group on Facebook: Mintos People.


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