The Mintos mobile app V1.0.2. is here

Mintos mobile app version V1.0.2. is already available for downloads and updates on Google Play Store and Apple App Store. 

The app is now available in Dutch and Spanish

The most significant upgrade is the addition of two new languages. Investors now can choose Dutch and Spanish languages for their Mintos app, an addition to English, German, Czech, Russian, Latvian, and Polish. 

Change your PIN in the app

Investors can more easily manage their account security from within the app. With this version, they can change their PIN directly in the “Security” settings. 

Loan status gets a graphic overview

To provide a better overview of the loan statuses in the investor’s portfolio, we added a pie chart to this section. This visual presentation makes it easier for investors to see how many of their loans are current, in grace period, late or in default. 

Direct access to the Mintos support 

With the upgrade of the “Investor service” section, investors can reach out to the Mintos Investor Service team from directly from within the app.

Other details

We made copying payment details more convenient. Investors can simply tap the Copy icon in the Deposit section to copy their Investor ID and other payment details.

To provide more clarity for investors using the Mintos mobile app, we also added the info pop-up to the “Pending payments Overview”, giving an at-site explanation of this functionality.

This is the first updated version of the Mintos mobile app. We continue working on new updates based on the previously assessed needs of our investors and market demands. 

So far, the Mintos mobile app for Android and iOS was downloaded 55 848 times. 


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