The Mintos Risk Scores will be updated on 27 January

On Wednesday 27 January 2021, the Mintos Risk Score and subscores for loans available for investment on Mintos will be updated across the marketplace. 

The latest updates are made based on data from Q3 2020. This will be the first change to the Mintos Risk Score and subscores since this new tool for risk assessment of loans on our marketplace was launched. 

With a different scope of data that comes with the Mintos Risk Score and 4 different subscores, we also developed a new approach to how this information will be presented to investors. 

On Wednesday, we will introduce a dedicated place on Mintos where investors will have more convenient access to the overview of current and historical changes of the Mintos Risk Score and subscores. We will share more information on the Mintos blog on Wednesday. 

Please, be prepared to adjust your investment strategies according to your risk appetite once the Mintos Risk Score is updated.