Transfer funds to Mintos instantly with Trustly!

We have recently added Trustly, an online payment service provider, which will allow you to transfer your funds to your Mintos account instantly! This is in addition to the current e-money and online payment services which are currently available on Mintos.

Trustly is an authorised Swedish payment institution which conducts payment services and cross-border payment transfers in Europe. It is a fast, simple and secure way for investors to transfer funds to Mintos. The company was founded in 2008 and supports more than 3 300 banks in 29 European countries. Payments through Trustly are free and no registration is required.

Why use Trustly?

– Funds are transferred to Mintos instantly*, this means you can begin investing straight away;

– There are no fees when using Trustly**;

– Transfer funds directly from your bank account;

– Transfer money without leaving the Mintos marketplace.

One of the benefits of Trustly is that payments require strong authentication. A transaction cannot be made unless you, as a consumer, provide your online banking credentials including the one-time code which only you know. Your credentials are not stored.

How it works

You can use Trustly easily on Mintos by following these three simple steps:

– Select your bank and log in with your online banking credentials;

– Choose the account from which you wish to transfer funds;

– Verify your transfer amount;

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact our Investor Service team at [email protected]

*With the exception of cases where additional anti-money laundering checks are required.

**There may be standard fees applied by your bank institution.


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