Update on Aforti Finance

Update from August 13, 2019:

We mentioned we will aim to release next update on Aforti Finance today, yet we see additional time is needed. Therefore, giving you heads up that we will be sharing our next update on Aforti Finance later this week. Thank you for patience.

Update from August 12, 2019:

Our team is once again meeting with Aforti Finance in Warsaw, Poland today to continue to work out the details of last week’s initiated solution for Aforti Finance to resume transferring borrower repayments to us for distribution among investors. 

We aim to release the next more detailed update tomorrow. 

Until then we thank you for your patience, as well as the questions to our Investors Service team and comments on the blog and social media. We are preparing to release answers to them as soon as we handle the current priority of resuming payments. 

We also wish to remind that Aforti Finance has not been placing loans on the Mintos primary market since January 2019. It was a mutual agreement with Aforti Finance following a weaker than expected loan performance and IT system related issues. Aforti Finance has continued servicing the loans since then and the total Aforti outstanding loan portfolio on the Mintos marketplace has decreased from EUR 5.7 million on December 31, 2018 to current EUR 2.2 million as of August 12, 2019. In light of adverse changes in the mood on the Polish securitization and bond market as well as our due diligence insights on the company’s internal arrangements changes, we reflected our risk precautions by downgrading Aforti to C+ in March 2019. 

At this stage we remain committed to working with Aforti Finance to continue servicing loans and passing borrower repayments to investors on the Mintos marketplace as soon as possible.

Please note: as with any investment, investment through Mintos carries some degree of risk. Each investor is responsible for evaluating associated risks before making an investment.


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