Update on the developments regarding Aforti Finance

Yesterday we had a meeting with Aforti Finance management in Warsaw, Poland, during which we discussed the situation and what are the next steps for Aforti Finance to resume transferring borrower repayments. 

We remain dedicated to protecting our investors on the Mintos marketplace. According to assignment agreements, we distribute to investors borrower repayments which we receive from the loan originators. Aforti Finance has been late in transferring some of the borrower repayments to us and thus we had to suspend crediting investor accounts. Current total outstanding portfolio by Aforti Finance on the Mintos marketplace is EUR 2 236 123. In total 21,896 investors have an outstanding investment in loans originated by Aforti Finance, which translates to slightly more than EUR 100 on average per investor. 

Investors still hold claims towards the end borrowers who make their payments to Aforti Finance, and we expect Aforti Finance to get back on track with passing borrower repayments to us for distributing among investors. As of today, 57.3% of loans originated by Aforti Finance that are outstanding on the Mintos marketplace are current, 24.9% are late by 1-15 days, 10.1% are late by 16-30 days, and 7.7% of loans are late by 31-60 days. We are working with the management of Aforti Finance to ensure borrower repayments of loans continue flowing to investors. 

We will keep you informed and will share an update early next week. 



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