We’re there: a total of EUR 5 billion loans funded on Mintos

Since the last billion milestone, it took us three months to reach a total of EUR 5 billion of loans funded on the Mintos marketplace. In this period, up to 275 000 investors from 91 countries of the world have been investing in hundreds of thousands of loans on Mintos, issued by 67 loan originating companies from 33 countries on five continents. 

In the same period of three months, 60 000 new investors joined Mintos, and the growth of our investors’ base is approximately 20 000 new investors per month. We see a continuous increase of the investment volumes on Mintos, a steady inflow of new investors and exceptional user proactivity in the shaping of our products and services. These indicators reflect the growing demand in the alternative investments market and the fitness of Mintos to meet the needs of those looking for diversified investing opportunities.

Just two weeks ago, Mintos launched the additional service that makes access to investors’ accounts even easier with the use of the Mintos mobile app for iOS and Android. Our tech-savvy investors have shown great interest in building this app with us. We are beyond grateful for the involvement in the prototype testing and for the valuable feedback and suggestions. The new Mintos mobile app performs with the user retention of 42% in the first week after the launch, while on the global level, the retention for the financial types of mobile apps is on average 14.5%.

As the leader of the market of investing in loans in Europe, we will continue to work on making investments in the new asset class – loans as common as other asset classes, but accessible to everyday investors, globally.

Thank you for helping us reach another milestone!

The growth of volumes on Mintos over time including total loans funded, the Mintos investors base, interest earned by investors and a growing number of loan originators on the marketplace.


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