You can now invest in credit lines provided to the e-commerce shoppers by ESTO

ESTO, an Estonian lending company providing point of sale purchase financing and payments solution for its network of merchants, expands its offering on Mintos by adding credit lines with an expected net annual interest rate of 12% (loans in EUR). These credit lines will be listed as personal loans on Mintos.

ESTO’s credit lines are offered only to the company’s existing customers that have shown good repayment behaviour in the past. 

Key ESTO credit line characteristics

Expected annual interest rate 12%
Average loan amount (credit line used) >€ 313
Maximum loan amount € 2 000
Average APR 41.4%
Initial maturity 5 years
Average default rate 1.7%
Buyback guarantee Yes


ESTO credit lines will be listed on Mintos as personal loans though they will have a higher rate of repurchases due to the flexible nature of the product. Once the schedule changes (more funds are drawn on the credit line) the loan agreement with the old terms will be repurchased, and at the same time, relisted with the new terms. Investors should note that the interest rate may slightly change, based on the situation on the marketplace when the repurchase and relisting takes place. ESTO’s credit lines are unsecured with a 0-day grace period.


1. A borrower increases its credit line utilization from € 300 to € 600

2. The € 300 loan, that was previously on Mintos will be rebought and relisted again with the € 600 principal

3. If the newly listed loan meets the AI criteria for the investor the funds will also be reinvested.


ESTO has continued to perform well during 2020. By the end of the third quarter, the company’s net portfolio had increased to € 15.9 million while keeping the portfolio performance stable, with 89% of loans being current. The YTD profit of the company is € 1 million.

See ESTO’s credit lines on the Primary Market and don’t forget to adjust your Custom automated strategy settings.

About ESTO

ESTO was established in 2017 and provides a fully automated and tech-driven point of sale purchase financing and payment solution for its network of merchant partnerships in Estonia and Lithuania. ESTO’s business model is to facilitate payments between the client and merchant in an e-commerce setting by providing real-time payments for the merchant and payment schedules for the client. ESTO has one of the largest merchant networks in Estonia with over 550 active shops and e-shops.

On 19 June 2020, ESTO’s risk rating was upgraded from B- to B based on the company’s sustainable financial performance and stable loan portfolio quality. ESTO’s loan portfolio continues to grow at a steady pace and its portfolio quality has remained stable throughout their operations, despite the company’s rapid growth and changing economic environment due to COVID-19. In addition, the pandemic has increased ESTO’s online and POS sales even further since e-commerce growth has never been so rapid before.

ESTO AS 2019 audited annual report is uploaded on Mintos (audit was conducted by KPMG).  ESTO’s goal is to keep its investors well informed with regularly updated company profile and financial statements on Mintos.

The current amount of ESTO outstanding investments on Mintos is € 4 million. There are more than 59 000 investors with active investments in ESTO loans, with the average investment per investor being € 67.


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