Darlehen 1110801-01 - Factoring Lithuania


Darlehenstyp Factoring
Darlehensbetrag € 6 029.00
Ausstehende Restschuld € 5 272.53
Effektiver Jahreszins zu Lasten des Kreditnehmers -
Zinssatz (10.5%)
Ursprünglicher LTV -
Anfangslaufzeit 2 m. 0 d.
Verbliebene Darlehenslaufzeit In Verzug
Abschreibungsmethode Vollständig
Datum der Auflistung 13.06.2017
Ausgabedatum 25.05.2017
Enddatum 25.07.2017
Status Ausgefallen
Darlehensgeber DebifoB
Vorauszahlung 50%
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  • Angaben zum Kreditnehmer und zur Sicherheit

    DarlehenszweckWorking Capital
    Business sectorWholesale of construction materials
    BeschreibungThe Company is a wholesaler and retailer of broad range of fasteners and furniture fittings. The Company has obtained exclusive rights to sell Italian manufacturer's products in Lithuania. Additional funding is needed to support growing demand for represented products and to introduce new products. The Company is a repeated client of Debifo with good previous payment history. Expected payment - up to 15 days after due date.
    Risikoklassen BB
    Bürgschaft Ja
    Rechnungstransaktion Inländisch vertraulich
    Rechnungsobligo Ja
    Land Lithuania
  • DatumHauptbetrag Zinsen GesamtEingegangene ZahlungZahlungsdatumStatus
    25.07.2017 € 6 029.00 € 73.86 € 6 102.86 € 1 181.28 In Verzug

    The loan has defaulted. Debt collection has been initiated.

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  • Verlauf der Aktionen

    16.10.2017 Communication with the client The Company pledged the remaining inventory in the warehouse and additional land plots as collateral (there are also 2 personal guarantees from financing agreement). We are actively working with the Company to restore solvency and we expect to gradually recover the majority of the outstanding amount within 12 months. Based on business seasonality, we expect a higher recovery in October, November, December and lower recovery in the first four months of 2018.
    08.01.2018 Communication with the client The Company will have slower December-January due to seasonal holidays, recovery expected to continue in February-March.
    02.07.2018 Inkasso hat begonnen Der Vertrag mit dem Kreditnehmer wurde beendet und das Inkassoverfahren hat begonnen.
    02.07.2018 Collection The State Social Insurance Fund Board filed for the company bancruptcy. 16/7/2018 court proceedings regarding bancruptcy will be held.

    Kosten des Inkassoverfahrens: € 0.00