Loan 1144259-01 - Invoice Financing Lithuania

Loan Details

Loan Type Invoice Financing
Loan Amount € 4 368.00
Remaining Principal € 4 193.19
Interest Rate 11.0%
Initial LTV -
Initial Term 57 d.
Remaining Term Late
Amortization Method Full
Listing Date 20.06.2017
Date of Issue 19.05.2017
Closing Date 15.07.2017
Status 60+ Days Late
Loan Originator Debifo
Advance Rate 50%


€ 479.30
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  • Borrower and Collateral Details

    Loan PurposeWorking Capital
    Business sectorWholesale of construction materials
    DescriptionThe Company is a wholesaler and retailer of broad range of fasteners and furniture fittings. The Company has obtained exclusive rights to sell Italian manufacturer's products in Lithuania. Additional funding is needed to support growing demand for represented products and to introduce new products. The Company is a repeated client of Debifo with good previous payment history. Expected payment - up to 15 days after due date.
    Personal guarantee Yes
    Invoice Transaction Confidential domestic
    Invoice Recourse Yes
    Credit Rating BB
    Country Lithuania
  • DatePrincipal Interest TotalPayment ReceivedPayment DateStatus
    15.07.2017 € 4 368.00 € 33.37 € 4 401.37 € 270.91 Late
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