Loan 2468542-01 - Short-Term Loan Georgia

Loan Details

Loan Type Short-Term Loan
Loan Amount ლ 700.00
Remaining Principal ლ 0.00
Effective APR charged to borrowers -
Interest Rate 18.0%
Initial LTV -
Initial Term 30 d.
Remaining Term Late
Amortization Method Full
Listing Date 23.02.2018
Date of Issue 23.02.2018
Closing Date 25.03.2018
Status Finished

Loan Originator Details

Loan Originator
Legal Entity
Microfinance Organization Creamfinance Georgia LLC
Group Guarantee
Cream Finance Holding LTD

This loan comes with a buyback guarantee. The loan will be bought back from investors if it becomes 60 or more days delinquent.

  • Borrower and Collateral
  • Payment Schedule
  • Investment Breakdown
  • Borrower and Collateral Details

    BorrowerMale, 40 y.
    Loan PurposePersonal Loan
    Country Georgia
  • DatePrincipal Interest TotalPayment ReceivedPayment DateStatus
    25.03.2018 ლ 700.00 ლ 10.50 ლ 710.50 ლ 710.50 25.03.2018 Paid
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