Loan 3224480-01 - Short-Term Loan Georgia

Loan Details

Loan Type Short-Term Loan
Loan Amount ლ 300.00
Remaining Principal ლ 300.00
Effective APR charged to borrowers -
Interest Rate 17.0%
Initial LTV -
Initial Term 30 d.
Remaining Term 18 d.
Amortization Method Full
Listing Date 12.05.2018
Date of Issue 12.05.2018
Closing Date 11.06.2018
Status Current
Loan Originator Lendo

This loan comes with a buyback guarantee. Lendo will buy back the loan from investors if it becomes 60 or more days delinquent.


ლ 220.00
  • Borrower and Collateral
  • Payment Schedule
  • Investment Breakdown
  • Borrower and Collateral Details

    BorrowerMale, 38 y.
    Loan PurposePersonal Loan
    Country Georgia
  • DatePrincipal Interest TotalPayment ReceivedPayment DateStatus
    11.06.2018 ლ 300.00 ლ 4.25 ლ 304.25 Scheduled
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