Loan 590656-01 - Invoice Financing Lithuania

Loan Details

Loan Type Invoice Financing
Loan Amount € 24 900.00
Remaining Principal € 24 900.00
Interest Rate 12.6%
Initial LTV -
Initial Term 2 m. 14 d.
Remaining Term Late
Amortization Method Full
Listing Date 03.02.2017
Date of Issue 12.01.2017
Closing Date 28.03.2017
Status 60+ Days Late
Loan Originator Debifo
Advance Rate 90%


€ 1 632.54
  • Borrower and Collateral
  • Payment Schedule
  • Investment Breakdown
  • Debt Collection
  • Borrower and Collateral Details

    Loan PurposeWorking Capital
    Business sectorManufacturing products of wood
    DescriptionThe Company is a manufacturer of wood ware in Lithuania. The Purchaser is a large participant in hardwood industry with more than 40 years experience. The Purchaser shipped material all over the world, including Europe, Canada, Mexico, Saudi Arabia, India, Japan, Taiwan, Vietnam and etc. The invoice is covered by credit insurance Company.
    Risk category CB
    Invoice Transaction Disclosed foreign
    Country Lithuania
  • DatePrincipal Interest TotalPayment ReceivedPayment DateStatus
    28.03.2017 € 24 900.00 € 461.90 € 25 361.90 Late
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  • History of Actions

    30.05.2017 Communication with the client The client has signed personal guarantee for whole invoice amount. The client expects to cover all debt amount till the end of June
    01.07.2017 Debt collection started The Client didn't manage to cover the remaining amount. Started legal action against one of the buyers.
    02.08.2017 Debt collection continued Debifo expects to receive a partial payment next week. The court is in progress with one of the buyers.
    01.09.2017 Collection The court is in progress with one of the buyers (very slow due to summer season). The Company plans to deliver another shipment in mid-September and will pledge this new invoice to us.
    16.10.2017 Collection The court is still in progress with one of the buyers. The Company was given the final two weeks term to deliver another shipment as a pledge or we will apply for the arrest of Company's and personal assets.
    08.01.2018 Collection The Client's business and personal accounts have been arrested. New invoices will be pledged by the end of the month.