Loan 1435566-01 - Factoraje China

Loan Details

Tipo de préstamo Factoraje
Loan Amount € 1 785 000.00
Remaining Principal € 0.00
Tipo de interés 6.0%
LTV inicial -
Initial Term 11 m. 26 d.
Remaining Term Late
Método de amortización Al vencimiento
Fecha de inclusión 25.08.2017
Date of Issue 25.01.2017
Closing Date 20.01.2018
Estado Amortización anticipada
Originador PangMaoBao
Advance Rate 0%

This loan comes with a buyback guarantee. PangMaoBao will buy back the loan from investors if it becomes 60 or more days delinquent.

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    Objetivo del préstamoOther
    Business sectoronline oil transaction flatform
    DescriptionZhaoyou is an online oil B2B flatform, based in China, with cumulative transaction volume over EUR 140 million EUR during the last 2 years, and the average daily turnover of more than EUR 1.4 million. Zhaoyou has received backing from major venture capital firm SIG and Zhaogang, the biggest e-commerance platform for the steel industry in China.
    Descripción de la categoría de riesgo Low
    Personal guarantee No
    País China
  • DatePrincipal Intereses TotalPayment ReceivedPayment DateEstado
    20.01.2018 € 1 785 000.00 € 44 030.00 € 1 829 030.00 Late
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