Aizdevums 760450-01 - Rēķinu finansēšana Lithuania

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Aizdevuma veids Rēķinu finansēšana
Aizdevuma summa € 9 855.00
Atlikums € 8 941.12
Aizņēmējiem piemērotā efektīvā gada procentu likme -
Procentu likme (12.0%)
Sākotnējais LTV -
Sākotnējais termiņš 1 m. 30 d.
Atlikušais termiņš 13 m. 23 d.
Amortizācijas metode Pilna
Ievietošanas datums 30.03.2017
Izsniegšanas dat. 27.03.2017
Beigu datums 27.05.2017
Statuss Saistības nepildošs
Aizdevuma izsniedzējs Debifo
Finansējuma apjoms 80%
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    Aizdevuma mērķisWorking Capital
    Darbības veidiWholesale of construction materials
    AprakstsThe Company is a wholesaler and retailer of broad range of fasteners and furniture fittings. The Company has obtained exclusive rights to sell Italian manufacturer's products in Lithuania. Additional funding is needed to support growing demand for represented products and to introduce new products. The Company is a repeated client of Debifo with good previous payment history. Expected payment - up to 15 days after due date.
    Reģistrācijas datums01.02.2007
    Riska kategorija BB
    Darījums ar rēķinu Konfidenciāls iekšzemes darījums
    Valsts Lithuania
  • DatumsPamatsumma Procenti KopāSaņemtais maksājumsMaksājuma datumsStatuss
    27.05.2017 € 9 855.00 € 190.53 € 10 045.53 € 1 930.94 Kavējas

    The loan has defaulted. Debt collection has been initiated.

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  • Darbību vēsture

    02.08.2017 Communication with the client The Borrower is in temporary financial distress and full-scale audit is being performed to determine the best recovery strategy. The Borrower is still active, repayments are made on daily basis, and shareholders are willing to cover all the outstanding liabilities.
    01.09.2017 Communication with the client The Company pledged the remaining inventory in the warehouse and additional land plots as collateral (there are also 2 personal guarantees from financing agreement). We are actively working with the Company to restore solvency and we expect to gradually recover the majority of the outstanding amount within 12 months.
    16.10.2017 Communication with the client Based on business seasonality, we expect a higher recovery in October, November, December and lower recovery in the first four months of 2018.
    08.01.2018 Communication with the client The Company will have slower December-January due to seasonal holidays, recovery expected to continue in February-March.
    28.06.2018 Communication with the client The current financial situation shows that the Company has negative equity and its ability to attract new funding is limited. At the moment, one of the Company's creditor is pushing bankruptcy case to the court to start liquidating the Company. Due to the limited funding, the recovery process has not managed to kick off and produce tangible recovery for investors. The recovery will continue from guarantor and pledged assets.
    02.07.2018 Uzsākta parāda piedziņa Līgums ar aizņēmēju ir lauzts, un ir uzsākts parāda piedziņas process

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