Annual report for 2016

Transparency is one of our key values at Mintos. Our annual report for 2016 has been published and you are welcome to take a look!

If we had one word to summarize the past year, it would be growth. As compared to 2015, in 2016 Mintos marketplace for loans welcomed:

3 x more loan originators – 19, up from 6

4.5 x more investors – 17 052, up from 3 758

9.5 x more financed in loans – EUR 98.9 million, up from EUR 10.4 million.

Due to major investments in platform improvements, staffing, and technology, the company closed 2016 with a net loss of EUR 180 000 (EUR 93 000 in 2015). Net turnover was EUR 521 000 (EUR 49 000 in 2015).

“Our key priorities for 2017 are to develop the platform’s features and expand further geographically to offer even more diversification opportunities. Our goal is to make the investment process as easy and efficient as possible,” says Martins Sulte, co-founder and CEO of Mintos.

We would be happy to answer any questions you may have.