Dziesiatka Finanse loans suspended from the Primary and Secondary Markets

Due to failing to make timely settlement payments for investors on Mintos, we have made a decision to suspend loans originated by the lending company Dziesiatka Finanse from the Primary and Secondary Markets on Mintos, until further notice.  

Dziesiatka Finanse missed their settlement payments on 4 and 11 June, which has resulted in accumulated pending payments for investors. So far, the company has not provided any timeline on covering the overdue amount. The current amount of Dziesiatka loans outstanding on Mintos is € 916 664. There are 20 890 investors with active investments in Dziesiatka loans, with the average investment per investor being € 44. The current amount of pending payments is € 105 783.

We are working with the management of Dziesiatka Finanse to resolve the situation. More updates will follow as soon as we have more information.

At this point, Dziesiatka Finanse is put on negative ratings watch as we review the possibility of a Mintos Rating change. Resolution of the negative ratings watch depends on the company’s ability and willingness to resolve the outstanding amounts.

About Dziesiatka Finanse 

Dziesiątka Finanse is a Polish loan company operating in the personal (instalment) loan industry. The company offers borrowers loans for personal needs. The loan originator is an established player in the lending market in Poland, having operated in the country for 19 years. In the last 9 of those years, the company has operated under the name Dziesiątka Finanse.

About Suspension

Suspension of a particular lending company occurs when Mintos intervenes in the market – Primary, Secondary, or both – to stop investing due to concerns about a company’s operations. Once suspended, new investments cannot occur until the suspension is lifted or lapses. When both markets are suspended, this is intended to protect investors’ interests by preventing investments in new loans on the Primary market, or the sale of existing loans on the Secondary market.


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