Investment opportunities in Asia continue growth as Indonesian lending company DanaRupiah joins Mintos

DanaRupiah is amongst the top 5 fintech companies (according to Google Play statistics of total downloads) in providing quick and secure financial solutions to over 500,000 customers in Indonesia, thanks to intensive investments in advanced technologies and risk modelling. You will be able to receive returns up to 13% by investing in Indonesia-issued short-term loans. 

Founded by the Weshare Group in 2017, and headquartered in Jakarta, Indonesia, DanaRupiah is one of the early market entrants and has successfully penetrated the financial inclusion segment in Indonesia. As of the end of 2019, the cumulative loans originated by the group stands at € 12.8 billion and it has more than 2 000 employees worldwide.

Having had the full experience of operating a fintech business in China, Weshare Group has successfully extended its operations base in Indonesia. The strategic priorities of DanaRupiah are focused on consistent and sustainable financial growth as well as diversification of products in its portfolio. The execution of this strategy is supported by more than 500 talented team members.

DanaRupiah is monitored on a monthly basis by the industry regulator, The Financial Services Authority (OJK) of Indonesia and is a member of the industry association, AFPI. Monitoring includes business data and finance data analysis. 

“Working with Mintos will present a great opportunity for DanaRupiah to expand the business of DanaRupiah, and help DanaRupiah develop and introduce more products in the market,” says Richard Wijaya, Finance Director of DanaRupiah.

DanaRupiah on Mintos

DanaRupiah has placed its Indonesia-issued short-term loans on the marketplace listed in the Euro (€) currency. The average loan size is € 133 and the average maturity of a loan is 26 – 30 days. You can expect a net annual return of up to 13%. On Mintos, DanaRupiah has received Mintos Rating “B-”. 

All loans from DanaRupiah on Mintos are secured with a buyback guarantee and will be bought back by the company if they become delinquent for more than 60 days. The company will compensate the interest to the investor while the loan is in delay. In addition, the company will maintain 10% of each loan placed on the marketplace on its balance sheet.

As of the end of January 2020, DanaRupiah has issued loans worth over € 609 million and has a net outstanding loan portfolio of over € 36 million. The average approval rate is 41.5% (10% for new borrowers and approximately 90% for recurring borrowers). The lending company uses an advanced risk control system, where they have implemented pre-loan anti-fraud, credit, risk and loan collection models.

Take this opportunity to invest in Indonesia-issued loans from DanaRupiah. If you use Auto Invest, then be sure to update your portfolio settings accordingly so you don’t miss out!