Now available: Mintos at your fingertips with the new mobile app

The Mintos mobile app is live! It offers increased accessibility, enhanced security features and faster insight delivery, making Mintos products and services even more convenient for investors globally. 

This time last year, Mintos started hiring talent for the Mobile app team, officially established in March 2019. Eleven team members later, we are launching the first release of the Mintos mobile app for iOS and Android smartphones, bringing investing at users’ fingertips and making it even more accessible for all those looking to invest and earn with Mintos!

The timeline

“I’ve tested the application for more than a week now and the overall feeling is very neat. The app looks and feels very nice and intuitive and I have not really found any significant bugs (I’ve tested every possible thing including light and dark mode and withdrawal of some of the money).” 

Mintos investor from the Beta testers group

In March 2019, we started research among our investors, getting first insights about user needs and demands via phone calls. These conversations helped us set the roadmap for the prototype that would eventually become the Mintos mobile app. The prototype, one of a few iterations that lead to the final app, was shared with users on-site already in May and June, mostly during investors’ visits to our office and during the P2P Conference in Riga, in June 2019. By August, the prototype was sent to a small group of testers for the first beta version, an activity that provided us with invaluable data resources based on investors’ feedback during those few months of research and testing. In December 2019, the beta version for iOS was officially launched and the first iteration was sent to the beta testers group – a group of Mintos investors from around the world who volunteered to be the first to review our mobile app. In January 2020, the beta version for Android followed, and the total number of investors who tested both versions of the app beta counted 3655 individuals. 

Mintos mobile app 1.0

“Firstly, I would like to thank you for the opportunity to test your application and congratulate you on its development. It’s on a great path to being a great application and no doubt that it makes using and verifying information simpler and more practical.”

Mintos investor from the Beta testers group

The first app release will instantly enhance the investing experience with Mintos. Investors’ access to their Mintos accounts will be easier and faster, due to PIN and biometry login options. The other addition that was anticipated by many Mintos investors is a much more convenient way of investment monitoring, with mobile-friendly data previews.

In future releases, we plan to add numerous innovations and features, eventually offering the majority of features available on the website. Features available only in the mobile app will further upgrade the investing experience (think: push notifications). 

Looking forward

“First of all, I’d like to say how much I like the app. Although it’s the first beta, it works like a charm, very professional and thought-out in terms of functionality, ease of use and a great simplistic design. Obviously there are plenty of things the app might do in the future, but at the moment I really have nothing ingenious to propose.”

Mintos investor from the Beta testers group

To give the full service for investors on Mintos by offering a one-stop-marketplace, we continue to work on projects like IBAN account number and debit cards for Mintos’ investors.

The launch of the first version of the Mintos mobile app is the first stepping stone for offering new features for investors. We will work both smart and hard to continue delivering features that our investors ask for. 

We want to say thank you to all investors who have in any way participated in the development of the app with their valuable investing experience, proactive feedback and constructive ideas.  

“We were pleasantly surprised with how active Mintos investors were in their willingness to engage in surveys and testing, to provide their comments and suggestions, and how positive the feedback was. Mintos growth is considerably based on the active involvement of our loyal investors’ in the development of Mintos products and services”, says Marcis Gogis, Head of Product at Mintos.

We’re looking forward to hearing your feedback on the mobile app!

We wish you a lucrative usage.

Download the Mintos mobile app for Android

Download the Mintos mobile app for iOS


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