Mintos launches multi-currency investment opportunities

We are very excited to announce multi-currency investment opportunities on the Mintos marketplace. Starting today, investors will have the opportunity to invest in loans denominated in Czech koruna. Loans in other currencies will be available soon. By facilitating investments in multiple currencies, we are helping investors and loan originators to eliminate one of the most significant financial risks – currency risk.

Our goal at Mintos is to facilitate the free movement of capital globally, which enables integrated, open and efficient financial markets and services that work for the benefit of both investors and borrowers. Introducing multi-currency investment opportunities is a significant step towards our goal, and will allow us to better serve Mintos investors and loan originators. Investors now can diversify their investment portfolio on the Mintos marketplace not only by loan type, loan originator and geography, but also by currency.

The first loan originators offering investment opportunities in currency other than euro are Creamfinance and Acema; they will place loans in Czech koruna on the marketplace.

How does it work?

To deposit funds in a supported currency, go to the Deposit section and follow the listed instructions. After receiving the money transfer, Mintos will credit your account accordingly. All currency deposits can be managed concurrently from your profile.

You will be able to:

  • Filter loan lists by currency;
  • Create Auto Invest portfolios in multiple currencies;
  • Review account statements in each currency;
  • View account summaries in each currency.


Choosing and investing in multiple currencies couldn’t be easier with Mintos. If you have any questions, our friendly investor service team is happy to help.


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