New status functionality on Mintos: Pending payment

Today we are introducing the Pending payment description to Mintos. This functionality will provide investors with clarity over the status of borrowers’ payments in the funnel from loan originators to the Mintos marketplace.

This way, we are bringing the payment dynamics forward – from the backend of the marketplace to the forefront of Mintos investor’s overview. Besides enhancing the transparency, this functionality should also provide a more detailed status of each borrower’s payment.

The Pending payment status will inform investors about the details regarding borrowers’ payments that are being transferred to Mintos and if the borrowers’ payments are behind schedule. 

The new functionality is displayed in investors’ Portfolio section and in the Payment Schedule tab found in the Loan section. It is also shown as an additional filter in Auto Invest and in the Primary and Secondary Market.

Operating as a marketplace for loan originators and those who want to save and invest in loans, we are doing our best to assess risks, evaluate the players on our marketplace and offer tools and information that can help investors make sound decisions.

We are looking forward to your feedback!

A preview of the Pending payment functionality within the investor’s “Overview” page



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