Owner of Banknote & Vizia updated its corporate identity and launched a subscription for a new EUR 5 million bond issue

The second largest non-bank consumer lender in Latvia, SIA ExpressCredit announces the change of its corporate identity which is effective as of 4th February.  The new corporate identity represents not only a new name but also an updated mission and values. From now on, employees, cooperation partners, investors and regulators will know the holding as DelfinGroup, whereas clients will continue to use the company’s key products known by their brand names – Banknote and VIZIA. 

“The change of the corporate identity was necessary to better reflect what the company is doing and is planning to do moving forward”, CEO Didzis Admidins explains. The holding already offers a diverse mix of non-bank consumer lending services and is in the process of creating new custom finance solutions.

Profile update on Mintos marketplace

Within the Mintos platform two brands – Banknote and Vizia have been put under the DelfinGroup umbrella brand. 

The change of loan originators’ group name and its consolidation under one group on the platform impacts the aforementioned loan originators’ names on the Mintos marketplace loans offering and the available filters for investing options. The two loan originators will no longer be listed separately on Mintos with their previously known brand names. Instead, investors will see DelfinGroup in all filters (Auto Invest, Primary Market, Secondary Market) and on the Loan Originator’s page on Mintos. Please note that Auto Invest settings will be updated automatically.

Corporate bonds

Former SIA ExpressCredit (Banknote and VIZIA) has launched an ongoing subscription of a three-year secured corporate bond worth EUR 5 million. The subscription was registered on November 15, 2019 and is open until the maturity of the bond issue in 2022 or until full subscription, whichever occurs sooner.

The new bonds are expected to be included in the First North market by Nasdaq Riga stock exchange as soon as they are fully subscribed.

This bond issuance continues the established long-term cooperation between DelfinGroup and investors. The recent issue also indicates the company’s maturity and desire to stay open, trusted and transparent partner for its investors.

The proceeds from the bond issuance will partly cover liabilities against existing bondholders and diversify DelfinGroup funding sources.DelfinGroup remains committed to continue funding part of its loan book through Mintos in the future. 


Since its inception, the holding has issued 255 million euros of pawn loans and consumer loans and the client base has reached almost 400 thousand customers. As of the end of December 2019, Banknote net loan book was 19.4 million euros and VIZIA net loan book was 3.1 million euros. The Banknote brand is used for pawn loans and consumer loans whereas VIZIA brand is used solely for online consumer loans and is targeted at a modern tech-savvy audience. 

Over its ten-year history, the holding has experienced rapid growth, particularly in recent years. The key factor to the success is a high level of client service achieved by increased convenience of services and online availability, further bolstered by investments in information systems and data processing. Another element of success is the regularly upgraded and optimised network of 87 branches all over Latvia.     


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