Peachy has made a repayment of £ 200 000

Peachy, a lending company that decided to discontinue business operation in the UK, has recently made a repayment of £ 200 000 which is already transferred to investors on Mintos. 

Full repayments are yet to be made and we are keeping close contact with insolvency administrators of Peachy. Based on the data at the end of March 2020, there hasn’t been any significant deterioration of Peachy’s portfolio quality due to the Covid-19 situation in the UK and worldwide. 

About Peachy

Peachy, the trading name of a company Cash On Go Limited is a lending company established in 2010, offering short term loans to residents of the UK. On Mintos, Peachy has issued EUR 118.3 million of loans during the period from December 2018 to February 2020. Peachy finished the year with EBITDA of € 1.569 million, and a net profit of € 355 000.


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