Updated: Pending payments – average days and percentage of outstanding investments by lending company as of 3 July

Important: To conveniently provide all information about pending payments in one place, starting from next week, we are moving the weekly update from our blog to here.

Pending payments represent money that is in the process of being credited to the investor’s account. If you want to know more about how that works and why it’s not instant, you can read a detailed explanation on our blog.

Please note that the transfer time from the lending companies to Mintos depends on the currency and location of their banks. 

• SEPA (Single Euro Payments Area) transfers in EUR usually reach Mintos on the payment day or the next day.

• SWIFT transfers take a bit longer and usually reach Mintos in 2-4 banking days. SWIFT is used by lending companies that have banking partners outside SEPA.

To see the pending payment statistics and a statement on each lending company with more than 7 average pending days, open or download the table below.

Pending payments days dataPDFExcel
3 JulyViewView
26 JuneViewView
19 JuneViewView
12 JuneViewView
5 JuneViewView
29 MayViewView
22 MayViewView
15 MayViewView
8 MayViewView
30 AprilViewView
24 AprilViewView
17 AprilViewView
9 AprilViewN/A
2 AprilViewN/A

You can find updated pending payment days data in the Statistics page, as the PDF table offers historic data that can be outdated.

Please note that this table does not include suspended lending companies. We’ll provide an update on these companies on a monthly basis. See the latest update



Pending payment proportion of outstanding investments shows how large a share of a lending company’s portfolio on Mintos is currently pending payment.

Weighted average pending payment days is the weighted average length of the pending payments in days. Our aim is currently to keep the pending days below 8, which is linked to our weekly settlement with the lending companies. If the average for a lending company is more than 7 days, we’ll provide additional details about the reasons.

Pending interest is the interest that investors have earned on their pending payments for the respective time period.


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