Returns or liquidity? Why not both! Presenting Mintos Invest & Access.

One of the key questions for investors comes down to liquidity – how easily can I convert an investment to cash? In the past, investors often had to make a tradeoff between earning high returns, or having high liquidity. We wanted our investors to do better, so we created a new way to invest that combines the best of both worlds. We’re proud to present to you Mintos Invest & Access!

So how does this work?

Invest & Access is a fully automated way of investing. To get started, you just select the amount you want to invest. You’ll get a portfolio of loans that is diversified across the marketplace and offers great returns.

What’s special about Invest & Access?

Unlike many investing opportunities, Invest & Access does not lock your money in for a long time. If you need it sooner, you can cash out anytime – no questions asked, and no extra cost.

What’s the expected interest rate?

How much you can earn depends on what’s in your portfolio and what’s available on the market. Invest & Access is optimized for portfolio sizes of 500 EUR and more. If your balance is less than 500 EUR when you create your portfolio, diversification may not work correctly, and as a result you may experience lower returns. For optimal performance, we recommend investing 500 EUR or more.

Where’s the catch?

As with any transaction, Invest & Access needs a buying side – your loans will sell to other investors. If there’s no demand on the market, selling might take a little longer.

– Let us know how much you want to cash out. We take current loans from your portfolio and sell them to other investors using Invest & Access.

– If a loan in your portfolio is late, you can get your money when it recovers or buyback kicks in.

– You can also sell late loans on the secondary market (coming soon).

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